Monday, January 8, 2018

SS #056 - Our Year in Geek

Shortbox Showcase #56 - 2017: Our Years in Geek

Professor Alan & Em list their favorite geek moments (events? accomplishments?) of 2017, and talk a little bit about 2018 plans, as well. What geeky things did they do in public this year? What was Alan's geekiest day of the year? What family of podcasters can Em not stop talking about?

Join us in the shortbox ... and find out!

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Promo: DC: OCD

Link: The McElroy Empire of Podcasts
Link: Akron Comic Con
Link: Our Luther 500 episode of Dorkness to Light

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  1. Another great show, thanks you too. I’ve never heard of the Mackelroy (?) Family, it sounds as if they’d be an amazing source of entertainment had our interest any overlap at all :)

    But I don’t need ‘em, I have you! Family AND experts

    I’m really looking forward to finally getting the details of Em’s podcast, and what’s this about a new podcast project from the Perfessor? Intrigued!

    1. Thank you, Sir Sir Martin. The Professor's idea is just a little mini-series thing, nothing too wild. But Em's idea ... that one's pretty good.