Thursday, January 25, 2018

QBP #113 - Dakota North 1

Quarter-Bin Podcast #113

Dakota North #1, Marvel Comics, cover-dated June 1986.

"Design for Dying," written by Martha Thomases, with art by Tony Salmons.

Who is the hot redhead on the motorcycle firing a gun on the cover? Will she be able to protect the fashion designer who has hired her? Will she be mistaken for a fashion model? And what does her father and annoying little brother have to do with all this?

Listen to the episode and find out!

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Next Episode: Blood Syndicate #1, Milestone / DC Comics, cover-dated April 1993.

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  1. The promise of this series' house ad always had me intrigued. After finding my 1st issue in a discount sale, it took a couple of years & little patience, but I was able to put together a full run of this title within the last several months (all discount purchases).

    Upon taking it all in, I was surprised at how much I ended up liking Dakota North - a good action yarn with impressionistic, but enjoyable art, and the script never got too dark - the series was actually very funny.

    Sounds like you're convinced the rest of the series is worth checking out - this is an opinion I whole-heartedly endorse.

  2. I was thrilled when I heard you were covering this book as I found the first two issues in my $1 boxes within the last couple of years.

    Like you I enjoy female-led books, even back then when I was a young teen. It is funny that the thing that kept me away back then was the house ad which seemed to imply that fashion and style were going to be big elements of the book. I just didn't think I would like that as much.

    That said, I always remembered the ads and covers and as I 'grew up', I sort of regretted not trying it. That ramped up when Dakota became a recurring character in Ed Brubaker's Daredevil run. If Brubaker liked her, she had to be good.

    As you say, this issue did what a first issue should do, make me want to get the second book. There was something familiar about this whole thing. Reading it and it's mix of action, family drama, crime, and sexiness, I could easily see this as a TV show back in the 80s. Imagine it! "Friday Nights - TJ Hooker, Matt Houston, and then the new girl in town Dakota North!'

    Glad you covered it as I liked it as much (if not more) than you. And thanks for trying to track down the creators! Amazing ... maybe I have a shot of writing a comic!

    1. Yeah, it is always good when a character like this does get a second chance. It would be a shame if a brief comic run ended a character with otherwise good potential. And good on Brubaker for bringing her back.

      And yes writing comic books is important, but I say ... keep your day job.

  3. Fab episode. I never read this as I’ve an aversion to detectives with tricksy names (sadly, that’s most of them). Does anyone know if Dskota’s brother turns out to be gay - the hero worshipping of a man for his stylish clothes bit really set off my gaydar.

    1. But the tricksy name is part of the deal, from Mike Hammer to Ms Tree. And as far as the brother goes ... I'l keep you posted.