Monday, December 21, 2020

QBP #162 - The Ray 20

Quarter-Bin Podcast #162

The Ray #20, DC Comics, cover-dated January 1996.

"The Tide," by Christopher Priest, with art by Jason Armstrong and Ande Parks.

What happens when Professor Alan reads an issue from a title he's never read before? How celebratory of a Christmas issue is this? Or does it leave the Professor as blue as it does the title character?

Listen to the and find out!

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Next Episode: Spider-Man Megazine #1, Marvel Comics, cover-dated October 1994.

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  1. Thanks for another fine episode. I read the first Ray mini-series and loved it, but having tried the first couple of the ongoing, never continued. So this one is new to me, and I have to say, your comments were spot on. Very fair.

    Priest comics invariably contain great scenes with intriguing characters… but they just don’t tend to work as individual comics – you have to have the collections… see his recent Deathstroke run, for example, which is smart, cutting edge and pretty much indecipherable on an individual issue basis.

    This particular chapter is a frustrating collection of enigmatic scenes and it’s not good enough to assume only a small but loyal audience is reading. Who’s Josh? What (JLA) Task Force business? Who’s sexy gal?

    Longtime readers such as us should be able to work out enough of what’s going on to make the experience worthwhile.

    And the art isn’t great either. Plus, that cover, with the window as a coffin, is not a grabber.

    DC had a hit character with Jack C Harris’s and Joe Quesada’s Ray, but they really fumbled the ball over time. If you’re at all curious about the Rebirth version, here’s my quick review from 2017.

    1. Thank you for that info, including your prior post on The Ray.

      Yes, some writers (including Priest) are best with the long-form storytelling, and not as strong reading each issue separately.