Tuesday, December 1, 2020

CRJ #066 - November 2020

Professor Alan's Comic Book Reading Journal #066

November 2020

So what comics did Professor Alan read during November, another full month of working from home? How many were books he read for #WarComicsMonth? And how many were falling apart as he read them? 
Listen to the episode ... and find out!!!

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Promo: The Overlooked Dark Knight

Next Episode:  What comics did Professor Alan read during December? And what does he have planned for an end-of-year episode?

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  1. That World's Finest story of the Were-Bat was a huge one in my youth! I was struck by that story and the JLGL (praised be his name) art.

    The Kryptonian Werewolf who caused that ... Lar-On ... was brought into the Rebirth Supergirl book by Steve Orlando. Anyways, I covered that story on my site when I did a dive into Lar-On's history.

  2. Oh Professor Alan, are you taking it u-pun yourself to start a rivalry between me and Professor Anj? I tell you now, sir, it will not work. We, like yourself, are GENTLEMEN.

    Anyway, thanks for another varied episode. How the heck do you fit all this reading in? Yes, I know I’ve asked that previously.

    I used to read Billy’s Boots in Tiger (yeah, it was a sports comic, but there was a story in there called Martin’s Marvellous Mini), in the summer months Billy Dane played a different sport, somehow also having magical cricket boots. I giggled at the phrase ‘soccer shoes’... tell me you made that up!

    Archie Andrews, Where Are You? What’s that all about, him playing hide and seek? Or is it some kind of take on Scooby Doo? Or is the title really so random?

    1. I think at some point the good folk at Archie Co just plain ran out of titles. Maybe a reference to Scooby Doo, but I did not sense any mystery content inside.