Friday, February 4, 2022

CRJ #080 - January 2022

Professor Alan's Comic Book Reading Journal #080

January 2022

So what comics did Professor Alan read during January, as the new semester starts up? How many were from the Hoopla digital app? And how many celebrated #SciFiComicsMonth? (Spoiler: LOTS of them!) 
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Next Episode: What comics did Professor Alan read during February -- and how many involved lovey-dovey stuff like kissing? Listen to the next episode, which should be out in early March.

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  1. Sounds like a great month of books.

    I love the Blade Runner movie and so I have been thrilled that the comic has really been of high quality. This Jotun storyline is fantastic so glad you are reading. I'll also recommend the other current book Blade Runner Origins, with police dealing with Nexus 4 replicants.

    As for your other books, if you haven't read the Jeff Parker/Doc Shaner Flash Gordon books, you need to seek them out. Great stuff.

    If you liked Star Trek/Legion (as I did), you should look for Star Trek/Green Lantern. That was a lot of fun too.

    Underdog was a fave of mine growing up. Always thought RiffRaff was cool.

    And I understand the desire to complete a comic with a short print run. So you are forgiven the $3.50 for Time Warp. I'd certainly pay that much for Dakota North #3.

  2. Ack!

    Forgot a couple of things.

    If those Canary stories are the Alex Toth ones, they are fantastic and would probably be my fave things you read this month.

    And I also have a fondness for Logan's Run. It might be that I have my mind in Agutter. I found most of the issues in a cheap bin a while back. Missing the expensive one that has the first solo Thanos story in it.

    1. Yes, that one issue of Logan's Run is pretty much un-findable in the wild. But it's not a bad adaptation, for the issues that do the adaptation.

      And yay for Blade Runner, Time Warp and Dakota North!