Thursday, January 13, 2022

QBP #178 - Eternity Smith 3

Quarter-Bin Podcast #178

Eternity Smith #3, Hero Comics, cover-dated November 1987.

"Death Masque," and "The Threat of the Sensuous Siren," both written by Dennis Mallonee, with art by Rick Hoberg & E.R. Cruz.

What happens when a terrorist plots to take out the San Diego Comic-Con? Can a time-traveling action hero and his daughter save the Con?

Listen to the episode and find out!

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Source:Dave's Comics in Richmond, Virginia, circa 1987 or 1988.


  1. I don't have much to say about this comic in particular. I will say that I was also of a similar age when I started to branch into independent sci-fi books. For me it was American Flagg for the win.

    But I do have a lot to say about cons. Like you, my first cons were more like trade shows, usually at a Howard Johnson motel. It was at one of these where I learned about 'back issues'. I never thought in my mind you could get older comics. I just assumed they left the newstand and got pulped. How odd to think that way these days?

    Real conventions are really a recent phenomenon for me. When I moved to the Boston area I suddenly had access to smaller cons in Boston city (usually with 1 or 2 creators), nearby New Hampshire, and even ones in RI. Boston Comic Con and Terrificon grew is size in prominence. And I went to as many as I could.

    I love shows, big or small, just to meet creators I love, hang with friends I know, and even shop. They really are joyous to me.

    And yes, there are usually cheap books too!

    Hope to see you in person at one of these one day Prof!