Friday, October 29, 2021

Bronze Age Encore -- In the Clutches of the Code

Below find a re-release of one of our favorite episodes of all time. It's a battle for the ages! It's Em vs. Frederic Wertham! No holds barred!

Uncovering the Bronze Age #005 (encore) -- Uncovering the Code

Originally released October 31, 2014

This Halloween, Em delves into one of the most terrifying, bone-chilling topics known to comic fandom -- Seduction of the Innocent and the Comics Code Authority!

Follow along on the journey through the mind of one of the most infamous names in all of comic book history. What you find may SURPRISE, THRILL, and DISTURB you!

Intellectual analysis and academic criticism abound in this PULSE-POUNDING episode. And prepare for the SHOCKING twist ending that closes out our tale.

This is the story of Dr. Fredric Wertham ...

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Seduction of the Innocent by Frederick Wertham, MD. Copyright Rhinehart and Co. Inc, 1954

The Comics Code: 1954, SeductionOfTheInnocent.Org

Tales from the Code,

"Fredric Wertham: Anti-Comics Crusader Who Turned Advocateby Dwight Decker
(Essay about Wertham and the creation of "The World of Fanzines")

Additional reading:

"Seducing the Innocent: Frederick Wertham and the Falsifications that Helped Condemn Comics." Carol L. Tilley. Information and Culture: A Journal of History, 47 (4). 2012.

The Study of Man: Paul, the Horror comics, and Dr Wertham, Commentary Magazine (1954) (A contemporary article from a father about his son's comic reading habit) 

The Testimony of William Gaines (Transcript: April 22nd, 1954)
(Other transcripts, including Wertham's testimony, also available)

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