Monday, July 12, 2021

QPB #170 - Six from Sirius 1 & 2

Quarter-Bin Podcast #170

Six from Sirius 1 & 2. Epic Comics, cover-dated July & August 1984.

"Phase 1: Phaedra" and "Phase 2: Masterfax," both written by Doug Moench, with art from Paul Gulacy.

What happens when Professor Alan heads to outer space to keep two planets from going to war? How does the kidnapped Ambassador fit in? How about the robot assassin? And the quintet of dead spiritual Elders?

Listen to the episode and find out!

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Next Episode: Six from Sirius 3 & 4, Epic Comics, cover-dated September and October 1984. 

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  1. Thanks for another cosmically cracking show, Professor! I never bought these at the time as, despite the big creative names involved, it all sounded a tad generic. Having heard your summation and appraisal of the first two issues, it sounds as if I made the right decision. I’m sure some people loved this stuff, but some people love such slow sci-if as Gravity and 2001.

    Your point about not getting to know the characters bar the leader and psychic lady - Phaedra? - sounded about right given what you’d said… the rest don’t sound to be in there much at all. Spanner’s Galaxy, Star Huntrers, who can tell these ragtag Blake’s 7 reveal apart? Atari Force, mind, the second team was great.

    So, more next time? Presumably there must be a real uptick in quality, or some interesting talking point…

    1. Are you dissing Star Hunters and Spanner's Galaxy? If so, we may have words!

  2. Now, I never said anything mean about them. I try all this stuff. Even Seeker 3000.

    1. Whew, that's a relief -- we can still be friends!