Tuesday, May 14, 2019

SS #064 - Feedback and the Small Press Con

Shortbox Showcase #64 - Feedback and SPACE

In this new episode, Alan and Em go over a bunch of wonderful listener feedback. After that, Alan talks about his recent visit to the Small Press and Alternative Comic Expo (SPACE). Just how mini are mini-comics? Did Alan find any academic colleagues who write comics on the side? And HOW MUCH did he spend on a single comic book?????????

Listen to this episode ... and find out!

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Promo: DC: OCD

Link: The SPACE Con
Link: Marcus V. Calvert's books on Amazon 
Link: Maryanne Rose Papke
Link: Cartoon Crossroads Columbus
Link: Artist Suzanne Baumann
Link: Writer Terry Eisele
Link: The Comic Nightingale
Link: Jess Ann Artz
Link: Writer Neil Moherman
Link: Time Trvlr Mini-Comics

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  1. Up here they have MICExpo, Massachusetts Independent Comic Expo.

    I do my best to attend and support the arts as best as possible.

    I find these to be a lot of fun. Glad you went and talked to these folks and used this forum to promote their work.

    1. Like I said, not necessarily my taste, but yes, I think of it as being a patron to these young (and sometimes not-so-young) artists.