Tuesday, May 21, 2019

QBP #135 - Free Comic Book Day 2019!

Quarter-Bin Podcast #135

Free Comic Book Day 2019

It's time for the official holiday of The Quarter-Bin Podcast! How did Professor Alan do at Free Comic Book Day this year? How many books did he nab -- and what did he think of them? How many stores did he end up visiting? How many of the books were worth the price? And which dear dear friend did he unintentionally ignore and insult?

Listen to the episode and find out! 

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Music for this episode is from Comrades, whose music you can find at Facedown Records.

Promo: Batgirl to Oracle

Next Episode: Queen & Country 19 &20, Oni Press, cover-dated October & November 2003.

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  1. My store allows 2 of the FCBD books per person but has a couple of long boxes of dollar box/bargain bin that you are allowed to take 2 from as well. It just means that I don't get to sample as many of the FCBD stuff that I'd like to. I wish the store would have some deal for regulars to get a couple more.

    So I picked up the JLA all ages book. And Robotech.

    And it pains me ... pains me ... that of the veritable stack of books you obtained that Robotech wasn't one of them. And I will tell you that the Robotech book was original material, opening up the next arc, and had an absolutely incredible cliffhanger!

    Glad the trip went well. Always enjoy hearing your take on all the books I can't get!

    1. I wanted to leave all the Robotech behind in case Stella stopped by the store.