Wednesday, December 19, 2018

QBP #128 - Last Days of the Justice Society

The Last Days of the Justice Society Special, DC Comics, cover-dated 1986.

"Last Days of the Justice Society," by Roy & Dann Thomas, with art by Mike Gustovich and Dave Ross.

What happens the members of the JSA realize that the Crisis on Infinite Earths has made them redundant? And that their world was destroyed ... 40+ years ago? Can they change the past? Will it mean the end of their future?

Listen to the episode and find out!

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  1. Boy, that’s a book worth 25c or whatever I paid for it at the time, a rollicking adventure that felt really weighty. The idea of the JSA members as avatars or whatever of the Norse gods was bizarre - these guys are massive heroes in themselves and don’t need an artificial ‘promotion’ - but I can see what Roy Thomas was thinking... Ragnarok has the idea of a never-ending cycle built inom so every though they were removed from the DCU and sorta-kinds dead, they were available to be brought back at any time. And thank goodness they were!

    1. "Rollicking" is just the right word to describe this book. And yes, putting the heroes into a middle space, a purgatory of sorts, a limbo, made so much good sense in retrospect.