Friday, December 7, 2018

QBP #127 - Marvel Team-Up 65

Marvel Team-Up 65, Marvel Comics, cover-dated January 1978.

"Introducing Captain Britain," by Chris Claremont, with art by John Byrne and Dave Hunt.

What happens Peter Parker has to take in a British exchange student as a roommate? And then what happens when Spidey runs into newcomer Captain Britain in the skies of New York City? Will they immediately become besties ... or will they FIGHT?????

Listen to the episode and find out!

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  1. What a lovely show. Background music wise, something lovely and Brit-patriotic would have been choss like nowt.

    I’m not convinced that it WAS reasonable for Brian to suspect Spidey of being a baddie due to JJJ’s rants - NYC papers were unknown in the UN, Jameson would have no influence here, whereas Spidey’s good guy exploits would have been covered by UK reported based in the US.

    Arcade had actually made a big impression long before Avengers Academy and so on, having fought the X-Men a fair few times.

    Thanks for not lumping me in with the fictional Brits

    I always thought Arcade was meant to be a ventriloquist’s doll, from the way he looked.

    1. That is a great call on Arcade as a ventriloquist's dummy. As soon as you said that, it totally clicked. That must be it.

      I still think as soon as someone arrives in NYC circa 1970s, they were inundated with JJJ's anti-Spidey rants. That must have had an effect.

      And no, I know that you are definitely not fictional!

  2. Arcade was part of the Claremont/Byrne XMen run, I’d have to check out dates.

    For me, his most memorable appearance was in the Goodwin /Chaykin Nick Fury/Wolverine Special.

    I like this Captain Britain costume more than the Robocop one we got in Excalibur.