Monday, December 31, 2018

CRJ #043 - December AND 2018

Professor Alan's Comic Book Reading Journal #043

December 2018

So what comics did Professor Alan read during December -- was it a large amount, now that he is on Christmas Break? And what was the analystical breakdown of the all the comics he read during the year? And who will win the coveted "Listener or the Year" award?

Listen to this super-special episode #43 ... and find out!

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Next Episode: What comics did Professor Alan read during January? Find out when that episode comes out in early February.

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  1. Thanks for the end-of-year episode, it’s always a highlight, even if I don’t get why you do the stats as regards prices paid, what companies were most read and so on... given that what you read is, pull-list apart, random, the annual results are never going to indicate patterns or trends. I admit, though, most comic fans seem to love lists and stats, I bet everyone else loves this stuff.

    I managed just two issues of G Willow Wilson’s Wonder Woman - superheroes fighting ersatz wars is a pet peeve of mine, it never works, it’s not what they were created for. And the Nord art isn’t for me, his Diana is too waiflike. Plus, I’m soooooo sick of Wonder Woman doing her Xena tribute act, with sword and skirt. Wonder Woman was an original, now she’s generic.

    I don’t know how finding any issue of Superman Family can elicit any reaction other than rapture!

    Of the new Vertigo books, I tried the opening giant, which didn’t grab me, and the Books of Magic, which was deconstructed and utterly devoid of content. Pass.

    Congratulations to the Sutherlands and Nathaniel/Vera... but what will Anj do now he is no longer Listener of the Year? He’ll have to take it u-pun himself to recapture it.

    Where was the ‘Professorrrrr ALLLLan’? at the end? I love that.

    1. Sorry, the accountant in me pops up every now and then!

      "u-pun" -- I see what you did there.