Wednesday, August 1, 2018

QBP #122 - Adventure Comics 489

Quarter-Bin Podcast #122

Adventure Comics 489, DC Comics, Cover-dated January 1982.

"Proof, The Whole Proof and Nothing But The Proof!" by Bob Rozakis, with art by Carmine Infantino & Frank McLaughlin.
"Who's Pulling the Strings? by E. Nelson Bridwell, with art by Trevor von Eeden & Larry Mahlstedt.

In an all-international episode, Professor Alan welcomes a pair of guests to discuss a range of Dial H creations. Can the guests be swayed by readers from their own homelands ... or FAMILIES??? Listen to the episode and find out!

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  1. Excellent review of another strange trip into the world of Dial H! A nice mix of bizarre power sets and names. Of course, Tsunami ended up being used for the Young All Stars. And I wonder if Queen of Hearts would be a good teammate Marvel's Jack of Hearts!

    The Hasty Pudding is the name of Harvard's theatrical groups so I hear the term fairly often up around these parts. I have never eaten the actual pudding although it sounds like pure New England fare. Not as good as the Johnny Cake (one of my faves).

    As for the idea of stealing a healing unicorn horn, it sounds bad on a couple of levels. First, I have seen Ridley Scott's Legend. Stealing unicorn horns seems to lead to ruin.

    But more importantly, I refer you to this story of the Kryptonian Nam-Ek, who steals a healing horn and becomes the 'Loneliest Man in the Universe'.

    It's just not worth it!

  2. Over the years I have been given a lot of (mostly humorous) grief over the name of Hasty Pudding. But now, thanks to Anj, I realize I should create another superhero named Johnny Cake! Perhaps as Hasty Pudding’s youthful sidekick?

    Very happy to be mentioned on the show in connection with my splendiferous creation of decades ago. I find the entire podcast vastly amusing, and thank you for that.

    I have already mentioned this to Martin, but I do have one rather small correction to make: I did not move back to England, and do indeed still abide in Minneapolis, and have since 1972. I WAS born in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, and lived in Albion until 6, when my dear mum married a US soldier, as many young Anglo-Birds did in that time. A small but entirely unimportant mistake, as who really cares or needs to know where I place my pup tent?

    As for my being a bit over the accepted age range for DHFH submissions, who could argue? But the late Harlan Ellison himself also created a character for the book, and I believe he was firmly “adulterized” by then.

    Enjoyed the show very much, and will be listening to more. This was the height of my nebulous comics career, which I had long abandoned for surrealist poetry and art, and the other degradations of maturity.

    Again, thank you for speaking of my little creation.

    Dale M.Houstman

    1. I can't believe I didn't see this feedback sooner! Great to hear from you, Dale -- a real-life comic book character creator!

      Don't listen to Anj. He's a doctor, but he has terrible taste in character names. ;O)

      -- Professor Alan