Monday, August 20, 2018

SS #060 - 5 Years Strong!

Shortbox Showcase #60 -- Our 5th Anniversary!

Five years ago today (a few weeks ago, that is), our very first Shortbox Showcase episode debuted. Yes, other shows in the network had gone live the week before, but since this has become our flagship, we consider 7/30/13 as our official network starting date.

In addition to covering some feedback, and talking about how awesome our listeners are and all that, we talk about what we have planned for our next year of podcasting, and how the last year of podcasting went.

But we start with our ANNUAL tradition, by talking about an comic book Annual ... except we actually don't talk about, out friends ACT IT OUT! That's right, this episode includes an actual AUDIO DRAMA version of the story "Animal Kingdom," from the 2017 Super Sons Annual #1.

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Promo: Hamilton vs Burr: A Werewolf Tale

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  1. Replies
    1. It's nothing compared to the Superman Fan Podcast, but it's something. THANK YOU!

  2. Congratulations on five fab years. As a massive fan of the Super Sons - I must have blogged every issue, including the annual - I really enjoyed hearing everyone get to make animal noises! #thisepisodesidn’thurtmyfeelingsbecauseijettisonedthem

    1. If we could have figured out a character who needed a lovely Scottish accent, you would have been our first call! Yes, we LOVE LOVE LOVE the Super Sons!

    2. I kid, I’m not really that entitled.

      And not Scottish!