Wednesday, July 18, 2018

QBP #121 - Adventure Comics 488

Quarter-Bin Podcast #121

Adventure Comics 488, DC Comics, cover-dated November 1981.

"J -- as in Jinx and Jeopardy," by Bob Rozakis, with art by Carmine Infantino and Dennis Jensen.


"Tender Poison," by George Kashdan, with art by Trevor von Eeden and Larry Mahlstedt.

In our second installment of the "Dial Q for Quarter-Bin" summer series, Professor Alan is joined by 2 more guests (Sean Ross, and Luke Jaconetti) to discuss the 2 "Dial H" stories in this issue.

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Next Episode: Adventure Comics 489, DC Comics, cover-dated December 1982.

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  1. I freely admit I have never read a 'Dial H' story in all of my comic collecting years. You think I would have stumbled across one at some point!

    I do love hearing the names of these creations and making up my own stories and tag lines for them.

    "The team up you have been waiting for Cancero and Chemo!"

    "When you mess with The Jelly Lady, you always end up in a jam!"

    "When Glass Lass arrives, the villains feel the pane!"

    Thanks for covering these as I feel it at least applies some spackle in a comic knowledge hole.

    1. "feel the pane?" Seriously? I'm blaming the lack of coffee (or overindulgence) for that one!

      Part of the mission of the Quarter-Bin is ot discover these hidden gems.

    2. I’m enjoying these episodes hugely and vote that you carry right on through into the New Adventures of Superboy continuation. I hope the issue you’re definitely doing is the mega-sized #50! I am amazed this issue has never been on LSH superfan Anj’s radar!

      I do think you and Tim were a tad hard on older readers for getting involved. Why can’t they submit an idea some might find rubbish without being immature? Maybe Captain Saturn, for example, was created by the submitter as a kid and he thought ‘today’s’ younger readers might like him? At the very least, you get your name in a comics story and here we are, namechecking the creators nearly 40 years later.

      I was going to suggest that the Belladonna character might have influenced onetime Dial H writer Marv Wolfman to create poison-fingernailed Cheshire, who debuted in New Teen Titans the following year, then remembered that as far back as the Golden Age we had the original Thorn, Rose Canton, who counted toxicology among her specialisms.