Tuesday, July 10, 2018

SS #59 - Heroes Con-versation 2018

Shortbox Showcase #59 - The Heroes Con Report

In this contastic new episode, Em and Professor Alan talk about their trip to Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina. They talk about the podcasting buddies they met, the comic professionals they met, the comic semi-professional they met, the costumes they saw, and all the stuff they purchased. Did they enjoy themselves? And what did Mrs. Professor think of all the craziness?

Listen to this episode ... and find out!

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Check out these links to some of the people whose voices you hear in the episode, or were otherwise mentioned.. 

Link: Artist Artyopteryx 
Link: Artist Amanda Winter of Tailored Trinkets
Link: Author Beth Martin
Link: Author Joshua Robertson
Link: Author and podcaster (but not inker) Matt D Wilson
Link: Author and podcaster John Hartness
Link  Author Arylias Nova
Link: Author Stuart Thaman
Link: Columbus College of Art & Design
Link: Comic creator Milton Lawson
Link: Comic creator Michel Fiffe
Link: Comic creator Jarrod Alberich, the Yard Sale Artist
Link: Historical Conquest: The Game
Link: Podcast Cool Kids Table
Link: Podcast Kingdom Smarts
Link: Podcast Exiled 
Link: Publisher Falstaff Books
Link: WebComic RuneWriters 
Link: WebComic Perils Ahead 
Link: WebComic SheDwarf
Link: WebComic Little Guardians 
Link: The Faith & Fandom Podcast

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1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a great con. I really feel for you, Alan, in your encounter with the too-serious artist; I’ve certainly managed to say exactly the wrong thing to people I admire. Oh well, no one died.

    Or did they?

    My best con experience was working as a volunteer with a show organised by friends in the Eighties, UKCAC 86, and being given the task of ‘babysitting’ the guests in their green room. This also involved getting the con art pieces drawn. It was fabulous to sit with the likes of Gil Kane, David Lloyd, Carl Potts, Bill Sienkiewicz and Frank Miller. Nice people. I was a tad in awe of Mr Kane. You can see some of the art they produced here http://www.momentofmoore.com/page/2