Friday, October 27, 2017

SS #054 - Jack Kirby's 100th!

Shortbox Showcase #54 - Happy Birthday to the King!

In this Kirby-crackling episode, Emily and Professor Alan celebrate the 100th birthday of Jack "The King" Kirby! After going over a nice stack of listener feedback, they each count down their Top Ten Kirby Creations! How may of their choices are royalty? How many are villains? And which major character are LEFT OFF their lists?

Listen to this episode ... and find out!

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  1. What a fascinating episode, and it’s good that you went for ‘creations’ rather than ‘characters’, allowing for the likes of Kirby dots.

    I do think, though, that you lovely pair gave a little too much credit for Kirby... the character of early Magneto, for example, was surely almost all Stan Lee. (And I’ve never been convinced that the Martin Luthor King/Malcolm X parallels were in the X-Men until Claremont came along, ditto the idea of the X-Men as proxies for any outsider group you care to name. It seems to be a narrative that was retroactively added, with even Stan Lee professing to believe it in later years.)

    But yeah, Barda is fantastic. I’ve never been a fan of the Black Panther, his look was boring (the tiny cape added interest, on occasion) and his nobility made for a humourless chap. But I love what he stood for, as the best of men from a nation reaching for the future. As for Doctor Doom, he’s hilarious.

    So who shall I pick? I do love the Warriors Three, Kirby’s visual either perfectly captured Lee’s character descriptions, or informed the personalities he gave them. And over at DC, the nurturing technology of Mother Box was pure wonderment.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Absolutely correct analysis of giving Kirby too much credit in some places. But "Top 10 Kirby Creations or Co-Creations" just didn't sound as good ...

      Good call on the Warriors Three. Yes, we ignored Thor and his amazing friends too much in this episode!

  2. As regards Magneto as a freedom fighter/civil rights activist, the excellent Brian Cronin posts a useful page from X-Men #4 in his CBR column this week, which shows Magneto and Prof X having a conflab on the astral plane. Tellingly, Magneto asserts: 'The humans must be our slaves!' Not something Dr King would ever have said... he sounds like that ratbag Dr Doom.

    1. Great info, although your post got weirdly garbled and nonsensical towards the end ...