Monday, October 16, 2017

QBP #109 - Marvel Megazine #1

Quarter-Bin Podcast #109

Marvel Megazine #1, Marvel Comics, cover-dated October 1994.

Feature story: "Betrayal," from Iron Man #115, by Bill Mantlo, John Romita Jr, & Dan Green.

Other stories discussed:
"Back to the Basics," from Fantastic Four #232, by John Byrne.
"Marked for Murder," from Daredevil #159, by Roger McKenzie, Frank Miller & Klaus Janson.
"Call of the Desert," from incredible Hulk #314, by John Byrne & Bob Wiacek.

Four full-sized stories appear in this reprint issue, the beginning of a new "#9" series for the podcast. How do these stories (from 1979 - 1985) hold up, 30 - 40 years later?
Listen to the episode and find out!

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Royalty-free music in this episode provided by Patrick Boberg, @PatBoBomb, who records as  "Responsibly Wild," whose music can be found at his YouTube page.

Next Episode: Eternals #9 , Marvel Comics, cover-dated March 1977.

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  1. Great episode.

    I find the artists personal life effecting my viewing of their art so difficult. Certainly if Polanski was doing a movie about pedophilia , I couldn’t watch (I’ve never seen his Lolita). But I love Chinatown.

    I’ve never read Cerberus. If it was laden with misogyny, I’d be out. In the same way, books with any blatant political agenda turn me off. When the story supports the agenda, I tolerate it more. But when the agenda is primary, I’m out.

    As for this issue, I have a very soft spot in my heart for Madame Masque. A very soft spot. So good choice!

    1. Thanks, Dr. Anj! More Madame Masque in 10 episodes!

      Between personal things and political things, it it very hard to find a project to enjoy these days with a clear conscience.