Friday, July 17, 2015

SS #036 - The New DC You

Shortbox Showcase #36 - The New DC You!

In this episode, Professor Alan and Emily catch up on listener feedback before discussing the new DC books that they are reading now that Convergence is over. 

Is Starfire fun? Is Constantine scary? Did they pick up Bizarro or Bat-Mite? And what about some of those books with "Gotham" in the name? What did they think of these ones? All these questions and more and answered ... in the Shortbox!

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  1. read the Suicide Squad Convergence issues on youtube and as one who was a huge fan of the John Ostrander era Squad i found myself yet again sorely disappointed with what DC had come up with. still could care less about both DC and marvel TV shows i gave a em try for a while there but they just didn't deliver for me consistently. for my action adventure/sci-fi TV fix i prefer The Strain and Defiance.
    however, speaking of Bill Mantlo and his work from the 70s and 80s i'm happy to say the wait is finally over for two of our favorites. Professor, if i may i think the latest news that came from the Comic-Con last week would make for a great pod cast episode. in 2016 i will finally have a reason to buy new comics again

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I have heard good things about The Strain.

    Yes, on the ROM Micronauts revival, I am cautiously optimistic. I am depending on you and your site to keep me posted as details develop!

    1. oh you can count on that. but maybe for the mean time in the next podcast you could spare a few moments to share your thoughts on the prospect of a new ROM series minus his marvel owned supporting cast (Brandy Clark, Hybrid, Galadorian spaceknights and of course the dire wraiths) which would effectively be a reboot. but if nothing else it's bound to be better then the constant train wreck that is all the ROM related continuity stories marvel has attempted over the years. rumor has it marvel is going to have yet another ROMless spaceknight mini-series and did you hear about this Venom spaceknight nonsense? for me new marvel comics these days would be far better repurposed as air sickness bags.

    2. I'll be honest, I had a knee-jerk to Venom Spaceknight, too, till I found out they are going with the Flash Thompson Venom. I think there's many aspects - not the least of which being a soldier who's lost a portion of his body and is now wears a suit of armor which has him constantly grappling with his humanity - which do echo Rom well and could really work if played right. As with the Professor on IDW ROM, I'm cautiously optimistic.

      Professor and Emily: Amused that even when I haven't left feedback in a while, I still somehow manage to get some in the show. :) Haven't had much to add on recent topics, but still listening along and loving every episode.