Friday, July 3, 2015

CRJ #001 - June 2015

Professor Alan's Comic Book Reading Journal #001

June 2015

It's a new #1! That's right, here is your chance to get in on a new podcast on the ground floor! Save this episode now, so you can sell it later on eBay!

What is this new podcast about? Is it really just Professor Alan talking about the comics he read last month? And how many of those comics do you think featured Doctor Doom? Were any purchased new off the stands, or were they all trades from the library or books he otherwise got for free?

Listen to this collector's edition new number one episode ... and find out!

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Promo: Trentus Magnus Punches Reality

Next Episode: What did Professor Alan read in July? Tune in, in early August and find out! 

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1 comment:

  1. Hey Professor,

    I just listened to the first episode of your Comics Reading Journal and it was so... awful, just dreadful! Please, don't do any more than three of these episodes. In fact, if it's not a bother, don't release the next two!

    Okay, kidding... I really enjoyed this show. It was a nice, concise little overview of new and not-so-new comics--some I've read, some I haven't, so I liked it a lot. I'm looking forward to more.