Friday, February 13, 2015

SS #030 - Sailing our Ships

Shortbox Showcase #30-- Love is in the Air

It's the Valentine's Day episode! In this lovefest, Professor Alan and Emily talk about superhero relationships and marriages. Superman & Lois (or Lana or Lori Lemaris or Wonder Woman), Spidey & MJ, the Dibnys, Batman and Selena (or Talia), Sue Storm and her options .. we talk about it all.

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The song used in this episode was "About Love," by The Choir, from their 1990 album "Circle Slide." 

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  1. The first thing i ever read with Adam Strange was an 80s Swamp Thing issue written by Alan Moore and i can completely relate to what you said about the Strange "long distance" love story narrative. all that aside Adam Strange is a great character i love how in spite of not having any super powers he always manages to out do super powered enemies through superior tactics.
    but i also have to bring up ROM. i mean just think about it he gets caught up in a love triangle between Brandy Clark and her would be husband Steve Jackson shortly after he arrives on Earth. later in the series he becomes human for short while thanks to a faulty cloning process utilized by the duplicitous Quasimodo only to discover right after that Brandy has sacrificed her humanity to become a spaceknight. then ROM becomes a spaceknight again so now they're a spaceknight couple at least but even that doesn't last too long due to Brandy be turned human again by Hybrid. eventually ROM leaves Earth but is later rejoined with Brandy on Galador in which they are for a short time stuck in the human spaceknight relationship dynamics yet again.

    1. That's a good point about ROM & Starshine. There was definitely something romantic and tragic about that storyline.