Sunday, February 22, 2015

QBP #045 - Thor #364

Quarter-Bin Podcast #45

Thor #364, Marvel Comics, cover-dated February 1986.

"Thor Croaks," written and drawn by Walter Simonson.

Thor has been turned into a frog. No, really, a frog. How did this happen? Is the God of Thunder really fighting rats in Central Park? Is that George RR Martin playing a flute in the sewers of New York City? And who will become the leader of Asgard in Thor's absence? Listen to the episode and find out!

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Link: The Comics Alliance list of the 10 Awesome Moments From Simonson's Run on Thor

Promo #1: Radio Free Asgard
Promo #2: Mighty Marvel Geeks

Next Episode: Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme #34, Marvel Comics, cover-dated October 1991.
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  1. never read that THOR issue and i can't say it sounds like my kinda thing based on your podcast but i did catch the part about how much you like Beta Ray Bill. and we all know how much you like ROM so i wanted to make sure you see this in case you didn't already

  2. The single greatest "out of context" & unapproved podcast appearance I've ever made! LOL! My thanks to Professor Alan! And LOVE Simonson's run on Thor. I own several of the trades and have only read the first one or two. Need to get back to those! Keep the great work here on the Quarter Bin!!

    1. When you recording something, Shag ... it lives on forever! Thanks for being a good sport!

  3. Quite amused by the Shag "appearance" as a long-time Fire and Water listener. What a find for .25! This is definitely up there in terms of value-for-your-one-fourth-of-a-dollar. One of my first comics was Thor 373 and it contains a call back to this period of Thor when Puddlegump appears to Thor in Central Park to clue him in to the Mutant Massacre events playing out in the sewers. I still remember my young mind trying to grasp the fact that Thor had been a frog!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Chris, glad the issue brought back memories. And just thanks for listening, we solo guys who do short-form podcasts need to stick together.

    2. Indeed! Solo short-form podcasters unite!

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