Wednesday, January 28, 2015

QBP #043 - New Avengers #26

The New Avengers #26, Marvel Comics, cover-dated January 2007.

"Untitled" or "The Ballad of Clint Barton and Wanda Maximoff," by Brian Michael Bendis, with art by Alex Maleev.

In the aftermath of "The House of M," Hawkeye is dead and Scarlet Witch has disappeared. Except that Hawkeye isn't dead anymore, and he wants to find Wanda. Can Doctor Strange help him track down the Witch? What (or who) does Clint find when he searches for Wanda? And does Professor Alan still have the huge crush on Wanda that he did when he was young? Listen to the episode and find out!
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  1. never read this issue or any others from that series but i still enjoyed listening to your analysis of it. just so you know has a ton of sexy Scarlet Witch fan art just so you know. speaking of fandom you're still getting mail in regards to your ROM podcast i see : )

  2. ROM is definitely a thought-provoking, and feedback-provoking book. People want to see more of ROM, or see it collected, and everyone has their own theories as to why it hasn't happened yet.

    Not surprised that Wanda has inspired much fan art.

    1. sometimes i think the simple answer to all those theories is that marvel and hasbro have imbeciles working for them. and with those 3-4 dollar cover prices i'll continue to stick to those discount back issue bins.

  3. I remember arguing about this issue with people at the time. This is Bendis's attempt at more mature storytelling, but I said then that the book's uncertainty, while a hallmark of short story fiction, doesn't work in monthly comics (some fans at the time thought this issue was something new and amazing). With monthly comics, you kind of do need to know what the status quo was, and that issue didn't even tell us that was Wanda, since she had two names, different hair, etc. It was later retconned so that that wasn't Wanda but a robot left by Dr. Doom. So apparently Clint can't tell the difference between humans and robots.

    1. I will be addressing the Doom-Bot "issue" in episode 45.

      But yes, there is a reason that I tend to read these days from trades as opposed to reading new books. That's why my "new book" reading is usually about 6-9 months behind.