Wednesday, January 14, 2015

QBP #041 - Shado: Song of the Dragon, Book Two

Quarter-Bin Podcast #41

Shado: Song of the Dragon, Book 2, DC Comics, cover-dated February 1992.

"A Force of Dragons," written by Mike Grell, with art by Michael Davis Lawrence and Gray Morrow. 

In the aftermath of the attack on the monastery, the Yakuza leader still wants the special Yakuza sword. Will he have to kill his brother to get the sword? And how did Shado become such a deadly archer anyway?  Listen to the episode and find out!

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Next Episode: Checkmate #17, DC Comics, cover-dated October 2007.

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  1. sorry about being MIA from your last couple of podcasts but i've given up on on all comic based TV shows at this point. i've long since given up on anything the CW features and Gotham and Agents of SHIELD seems to be a steady stream of mediocre episodes. can't really put my finger on why Constantine hasn't really grabbed me and i've never been big on Doctor Who.
    however, when it comes to the late 80s Long Bow Hunters Green Arrow 3 book series that's another matter. good review on what i thought was a well written series and oh so graphic too. in terms of the gore and explicit violence it almost made Batman: A Death in the Family and a Killing Joke (also great stories) look tame by comparison plus i believe that's when Green Arrow debuted with his "hoody" style costume which i thought was a good updated look. also, if you ever find any copies of Mike Grell's early 80s Warlord series in those discount back issue bins i highly recommend you check em out. looking forward to your Checkmate 17 podcast i have several books from that Greg Rucka series i really like how he interweaves contemporary geopolitics into his stories.
    Ok, onward to ROM, thanks for the mention. in the current posting, and in what will be tomorrow's we've got some great stuff from BACK ISSUE magazine with lot's of juicy details about the behind the scenes stuff of the ROM spaceknight run including why Sal Buscema left the series. truly a tragic moment aside from the obvious i think steve ditko's pencils was among some of the most mediocre art of the Marvel 80s. back then as a kid i was so disappointed with the switch i nearly dropped the title . . nearly.

    1. Thanks for the feedback -- just listen to the ones that sound interesting to you, there is no problem with that! I love love love Warlord, and Jon Sable and Green Arrow, too.