Tuesday, November 11, 2014

QBP #038 - Shado: Song of the Dragon, Book One

Quarter-Bin Podcast #38

Shado: Song of the Dragon, Book 1, DC Comics, cover-dated January 1992.

"Souvenirs," written by Mike Grell, with art by Michael Davis Lawrence and Gray Morrow. This is the book with the highest cover-price ($4.95) that has ever been discussed on the podcast.

How can one man's desire to return a World War II sword to it's rightful owner set off a battle between Japanese brothers? And how does the Yakuza get involved in this situation? And is that a Japanese monk? And how does Green Arrow's baby mama fit into this?  Listen to the episode and find out!

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Next Episode: Silver Age Classics, DC Comics, 1992 (but really 1964). 

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  1. Great coverage as always, this really makes me want to track down the book. I love Long Bow Hunters and have always wanted to track down more of Grell's Green Arrow work, including this mini-series, and just haven't made it a priority. I'm definitely going to have to scour the cheap bins when Con season kicks into gear and hopefully I can finally track this one down. Unfortunately so much of Grell's work falls into that era of DC Gold that has yet to be mined for the reprint and collected market. As far as I can tell this one has never been reprinted. DC just this year has finally released some trades of Grell's Green Arrow run So hopefully this one will soon follow.

    Fantastic episode as always, you've successfully moved this mini up on the priorities of my "hunt list."

    1. Well, don't let me totally biased love for Mike Grell sway you if it's not your thing. But that being said ... there were some interesting things going on with these square-bound Prestige Format books in the early nineties.

      But I know what you mean about podcast listening consistently adding to my "must read" list!