Friday, September 26, 2014

SS #024 - Canon Fodder

Shortbox Showcase #24 -- Issues in Canon and Fandom

Professor Alan and Emily talk about the concept of "canon" as it relates to fandom in general, and comic books in particular. Superman, Doctor Who, George RR Martin, Armageddon 2001, Star Wars, Supernatural and Leverage (AGAIN!) are all discussed ... in the shortbox!

They also cover tons and tons and tons of feedback from their awesome and loyal listeners.

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Link: Scott Ryfun's farewell to the Star Wars EU video

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  1. Haven't had a chance to listen yet, but I just noticed you used my Star Wars novel photo for your blog post! Small world! Once Upon A Geek was my old generic-geek blog!

    The Irredeemable Shag

    1. That's hilarious. I got from a generic image search, but ... of course you are the king of Search Engine Optimization!

  2. As with continuity and reboots, canon isn't something that's entirely bothered me, as long as I get a good story in the end. I don't usually lock myself into a single "this is how it must be!" as I'm pretty easily able to juggle multiple canons at a time. Especially as I'm a supporter of tie-in EU, spinoffs, and remakes. I'm more interested in studying the branching of their co-existence than just wrapping my arms around a select few and brushing off all others.

    As long as none of them are written by Grant Morrison, who I not only don't like, but has actually driven me to anger at times. :)

    1. Well, you know that Emily is with you on Grant Morrison!

      I think that you are with ua that a good story tops all, and then tying to a single continuity comes further down the list. They are all "imaginary stories," after all. Thanks again for the feedback, Noel!