Tuesday, September 2, 2014

SS #023 - Super-Hero Prose

Shortbox Showcase #023

Super-Hero Novels & Short Stories

Professor Alan and Emily have talked more than once about comic books that don't feature superheroes. This time they talk about non-comic books that do feature superheroes. It's book report time, as the topic for this conversation is "super-hero prose." We talk about novelizations and adaptations, novels featuring DC & Marvel characters, novels featuring original characters, short stories, and even some fan-fiction.

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Here is a partial list of the stories and novels we mentioned, which you should purchase through the Amazon link at Two True Freaks:

Playing for Keeps, by Mur Lafferty
Sable, by Mike Grell
Shadow Legion: New Roads to Hell, by Thomas Deja,, reviewed by Professor Alan here.
Leaper, by Geoffrey Wood, reviewed by Professor Alan here.
Soon I Will Be Invincible, by Austin Grossman, reviewed by Professor Alan here.
Mary Jane & Mary Jane 2, by Judith O'Brien
The She-Hulk Diaries, by Marta Acosta, reviewed by Professor Alan here.
Escape Pod sci-fi short story podcast

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