Friday, June 6, 2014

SS #019 - Kents Crossover #3

Shortbox Showcase #19: To The Stars By Hard Ways, with Michael Bailey: The Kents #9-12.

We finish up our long look at John Ostrander's 12-issue epic from 1997, all about Truth, Justice, and the American West. This episode is part 3 of our epic 3-part crossover with podcasting legend Michael Bailey.

Part One of the crossover can be found here.
Part Two of the crossover can be found here. 

The Kents, Issues #9-12, DC Comics, cover-dated April to July, 1998. In the years following the Civil War, brothers Nate & Jeb Kent are struggling to put their lives together. Can they manage to find happiness in love and family and friends? And which brother will deliver the necessary consequences to the other? And how long can an end-of-show sequence be, anyway? Listen to the episode and find out.

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Music: Indian Wars, Bruce Cockburn, Nothing But A Burning Light, 1991.
Link: The Fortress of Bailey's 'tude,, Mike's home site.
Link: We Still Live Here, the documentary that Emily mentioned.
Link: Batman Unmasked, the book that Mike mentioned.

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Promo #2: Vassals of Kingsgrave

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1 comment:

  1. I absolutely enjoyed this 3-part examination of the series. Rich, insightful, entertaining. It says a lot that, despite telling me even more about the book than I'd probably get myself from a read, I still want to go and read it. :)

    Out of curiosity, have either of you, as Aquaman fans, ever read The Atlantis Chronicles, the maxi-series exploring the history of Aquaman's people? It's vastly more fantastical and mythic than this realistically grounded series, but also has very richly painted, complex characters set against periods of sweeping change, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It's sadly never been collected in trade format (much to the dismay of Peter David, who considers it among the best stuff he's ever written - I don't disagree), but has been made available on Comixology.

    With this, I'm now entirely caught up on Shortbox Showcase episodes. Just have a handful of Quarter Bins left to go. :)