Wednesday, May 28, 2014

SS #018 - Kents Crossover #1

Shortbox Showcase #18: Bleeding Kansas, with Michael Bailey: The Kents #1-4.

We begin a long look at a 12-issue epic from 1997, all about Truth, Justice, and the American West. Because this could vaguely be considered part of the Superman family of comics, we couldn't do it by ourselves.

No, really. The Laws of Podcasting legally require us to have Michael Bailey as a guest for this episode. Fortunately, he is a great guy, and we had a blast chatting with him. Check out episode #185 of Views From the Longbox, for part 2 (issue 5-8) of our discussion on the series. We will cover issues 9-12 back here at Shortbox Showcase, in our next episode. It's a podcast crossover!

The Kents Issues #1-4, DC Comics, cover-dated August to November, 1997. In the years before the Civil War, Silas Kent moves from Boston to Kansas, with his two eldest sons (Nate & Jeb) in tow. And then things go bad for the country, for the state, and for the family.

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