Thursday, June 26, 2014

SS #020 -- A First Appearance

Shortbox Showcase #20

After going through some awesome feedback (including some from a special guest feedbacker), Emily & Professor Alan talk about their upcoming Relatively Geeky plans. And then they dig into some Golden Age goodness, covering the debut appearance of one of their favorites characters, ever.

"   <<    title   redacted    >>  " by Don Cameron, with art by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson (and maybe George Roussos, as well). From Batman #16, April/May 1943.

We know that this is not technically a Tintin story, but why does it feel so much like it could be one?  Listen to the episode and find out!

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  1. I hope you enjoy Masters of Carpentry when you have a chance to check it out. Been really proud of that one. :)

    I was born in 82, so all of the fantasy films of the 80s (and there were a surprising amount of them) were a big part of my childhood. I very much recommend Neverending Story, not just for its whimsical fantasy, but its haunting atmosphere and complex themes, which give it a depth and weight many other such films of that period lacked. It's a very faithful adaptation of the book, albeit just the first half. They saved the second half for the sequel, but by the time they got to it, they'd very heavily rewritten it and just plain directed it poorly. Great book, though, and both television adaptations are also quite good. There never were any follow up novels, sadly. Official ones, at least.

    Congrats on the gainful employment, Emily! Congrats on Emily's gainful employment, Professor!

    Love the coverage of Alfred's first appearance. I never actually knew this story. :)

  2. It is interesting that most of our listeners seem to fall somewhere between Emily's age (23) and mine (48), so we all (me, her, and you) have different cultural touchstones.

  3. That always keeps things fun. :)