Wednesday, November 1, 2023

QBP#198 - Black Orchid Book One

Quarter-Bin Podcast #198

Black Orchid Book One, DC Comics, cover-dated Holiday1988.   .

"One Thing is Certain," by Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean.
What happens when Professor Alan and Black Orchid Super-fan Dr Anj talk about the prestige-format reboot of this obscure character from the 1970s?

And what will Martin Gray think of this title's font?

Listen to the episode and find out! 

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Next Episode: Legion of Super-Heroes #1, DC Comics, cover-dated February 1973.

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  1. I've not heard the episode yet but in answer to the question, I'm not a fan of the Vertigo logo, the scratchiness of the second word is more suited to an Arkham Asylum project than a dark superhero. The Adventure Comics logo is the classic for the character, though I see they would want something less showy/fun. But they've not nailed it.

    1. Yeah, I get that. I find her, especially in this version, to be edgy, dark, mysterious, serious ... and so that Vertigo-style logo makes sense to me. But maybe they swung too far away from the showy / fun original logo.