Friday, October 13, 2023

DoomSpeak #050 - Astonishing Tales 4 & 5

DOOMPEAK (formerly Relatively Geeky Presents) #050

Astonishing Tales #4 & #5, Marvel Comics, cover-dated February & April 1971.

"The Invaders!" by Larry Lieber, with art by Wally Wood.
"A Land Enslaved!" by Larry Lieber, with art by George Tuska.

What happens when Doom faces one of Marvel's biggest Big Bads? Will he allow his land to be taken over? Or will he end his vacation early, return to Latveria, and emerge victorious? And what candy-themed advertisement does the Professor spend altogether too much time analyzing?

Listen to the episode and find out!

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  1. Thanks for another great review.
    I definitely had the reprint of the second part as a kid. Even then, I wondered how Latveria was such a pushover of a country that in just the time Doom was away on vacation, the peasants were all goose-stepping in arm bands. "Whoever controls the castle controls the country" seems a little simplistic.

    I did like the hallucinogenic gas ending as that was definitely mind bending to a young Anj reading the books. That Anj thought it much more reasonable in a comic for them to have actually been shrunk than to just believe they had been.

    I do think that I'll imprint on Doom a little though. Next time I'm in Monaco I plan to sun myself by the poolside in full plate armor.

    1. Yeah, I think that "controlling the Castle" rule needs a modern refresh.

      Anj on the beach in a suit of armor: Pics or it didn't happen.