Friday, September 8, 2023

E&E #001 - Movie Talk

Alan's Eyes & Ears #001 - Movie Talk

In this new episode of this new podcast endeavor, Alan talks about his influences, whose ideas he stole in preparing this new show.

After that, he talks about the first 20 movies he watched during 2023, counting them down to #1! How many of his favorite movies were produced before he was born? How much does he talk about Nic cage? And how many times does he use the word "charming?"

Listen to this episode ... and find out!

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  1. Congrats on getting a first episode under your belt. I like the concept of the show, a sort of smorgasbord of all the geeky things you like. I didn't expect the first show to be a movie one! I thought for sure we'd delve into short story fantasy or sci-fi novels.

    One quibble. For shows like this one, a list of the movies, you might want to put that up here on the site so people like me, who listen to podcasts in the car and swear they have a ton of feedback to put but then forget it all once parked, could jog there memory. Might be a 'spoiler alert' concern on your end so maybe have it after a 'read more' break on the page.

    Of the ones I can remember, I would probably put Conan The Barbarian #1. Too many quotable lines. Thulsa Doom too cool. Perhaps the first ultra-violent/sexy/ 'mom would kill me if she knew I was watching this' movie of my life which amps up the nostalgia. I'll say it again ... too many quotable lines.

    As for Sin City 2, I also thought it fell far short of the first. The stories in the first film were more compelling and the style of the first film was innovative then. That said, of all the starlets and stars you mentioned who you described as 'charming' and crush-worthy and beautiful, I would put Eva Green at the top of my own list. And in Sin City 2, she is very very ... ahem ... 'charming'. So when it is on TV, like ships dashing against the rocks when hearing the siren's song, I am compelled to watch.

    Lastly, I am such a HUGE fan of the original Apes franchise, and I dislike the Burton one so much, that I have never seen any of these reimaginations, despite protests from friends I should. Hmmm ... one more recommendation might make the difference.

    1. Appreciate that advice, which I'm sure comes from years of blogging -- makes sense.

      Yeah, I wonder what it was about Barbarian that didn't work for me. Maybe expectations were too high. Then I dropped them enough for Destroyer to easily exceed. hmmm ....

  2. Conan is the more impressive movie. The sequel is obviously cheaper, and a bit cheesy, but more fun. I give the sequel points for a bit of cleverness with the monster at the end. Come to think of it, there's a different clever monster in the middle.
    I rewatched "A Shot in the Dark" quite a while ago. I think I was less taken with it than the Pink Panther movies before and after, but I don't remember why, sorry. It could just be the lack of animation.

    Speaking of not remembering, I've known the usefulness of having a list of the movies I own -- after doubling on dollar DVDs -- but this summer realized I need a list of movies I've watched but come up again on the TV schedule or for streaming. Not much, the title and a sentence to remind me why I'd watched it when the available cast list and summary doesn't (whether this does remind me remains to be seen), then, not a ranking, but a rating: 0-no reason to watch it again, 1-something to rewatch it for, 2-more than one reason to rewatch it. It may be idiosyncratic, but I imagine a 3 or 4 (do we go to 5?) would make the movie memorable enough not to need to be on the list (also remains to be seen).

    1. Yeah, the older I get, the more I think a list becomes more helpful. Your idea of a sentence or two as a reminder is pretty genius, too!