Friday, September 10, 2021

QBP #173 -- Free Comic Book Day 2021

Quarter-Bin Podcast #173

Free Comic Book Day 2021

It's time for the official holiday of The Quarter-Bin Podcast! How did Professor Alan do at (the somewhat delayed) Free Comic Book Day this year? How many books did he nab -- and what did he think of them? How many stores did he end up visiting? How many of the books were worth the price? And which family members joined him on his excursions?

Listen to the episode and find out! 

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Music for this episode is from Marcellino / Navarro, which I re-discovered on YouTube recently

Next Episode: Batman: Gordon's Law #1, DC Comics, cover-dated December 1996.

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  1. Great episode. A dime sale means $5 well spent.

    A couple of comments. I wasn't around for FCBD this year but my store was kind enough to pull a Blade Runner FCBD issue for me. Excellent story. The current 2 books set in the Blade Runner universe are both fantastic and I encourage all fans of that movie to pick them up.

    Second, I always thought it was DNA Gents, like a fine group of upstanding genetic gentlemen. Hmmm ...

    Anyways, I can only hope I run into a dime sale at some point. Glad you scooped up as much awesomeness as you did!

    1. OK, I am now always going to pronounce it as "DNA Gents." You win.

      Nice of them to grab the Blade Runner book for you. I know that has been a favorite of yours.