Friday, July 23, 2021

QBP #171 - Six from Sirius 3 & 4

Quarter-Bin Podcast #171

Six from Sirius 3 & 4. Epic Comics, cover-dated September & October 1984.

"Phase 3: Heavenstone" and "Phase 4: Mindprime," both written by Doug Moench, with art from Paul Gulacy.

What happens when Professor Alan tackles the last 2 issues of this Epic mini-series? Or is it the last half of a graphic novel? Does he make it out alive when the bar brawl begins?

Listen to the episode and find out!

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Next Episode: Power Man & Iron Fist 87, Marvel Comics, cover-dated November 1982. 

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Source: In the Ballpark


  1. Usually like the Moench/Gulacy team but this one sounds like it might not one of their best.

    Does Slash Maraud exist in the database?

    1. Sadly, Slash Maraud only exists in my memories of house ads.

  2. Well, at least the conclusion sounds more interesting than the first two. Mind, if sounds like they should have called it Phaedra and the Five Spirit Elders, with all the play they seem to have had.

    I was a little confused when you talked about the logo colours matching this used in the image… shouldn’t that be the default position?

    So… Spanner’s Galaxy.