Thursday, July 1, 2021

CRJ #073 - June 2021

Professor Alan's Comic Book Reading Journal #073

June 2021

So what comics did Professor Alan read during June? How many kind and lovely listeners provided books to be read? How many were from Hoopla? Listen to the episode AND FIND OUT!!!

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Next Episode: What comics did Professor Alan read during July -- and how many will celebrate #WesternComicsMonth? Listen to the next episode, which should be out in early August.

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  1. Sounds like a great month of books. A few comments …

    1) Clockwork girl sounds interesting. When you described it, I thought it sounded like a riff of Gift of the Magi. Thinking I might keep my eye out for this.

    2) Glad you read the Bendis Legion. I reviewed all the issues on my site. It walks that Legion tight rope. Classic enough for the continuity rabid fans. Different enough to bring in new readers. You should check out the Future State Legion book as a sort of sequel.

    3) Glad you read ARGUS and enjoyed. I think that lifts me to batting .667 in the ‘Prof Alan liked it’ stat. I don’t know why Sterling Gates hasn’t got more comic work. Everything he wrote worked for me. You should cross pollinate and read his Captain Victory book.

    As for Westerns, hope you read the Jimmy Palmiotti/Justin Gray Jonah Hex book. Great stories. Great artists.

    1. But you are 100% in "Professor Alan appreciated it," so that's something!

  2. Professor Alan, I agree that the Superboy story that introduced to League of Assassins wasn’t great, but it did give us Blok. Reading that first two-parter, who could have foreseen him being plucked from baddie obscurity to become a Legionnaire, and not just a member in good standing, but one of the hearts of the team (Doctor Who fans can choose more than one)?

    I really liked the Power Company run. As well as featuring new characters with potential, it brought back Bork from a long-past issue of the Brave and the Bold.

    Blok, Bork, it’s Reformed B-List Villain Month at your Number One Comics Reading Journal.

    1. You are not the first person who has commented on liking the Power Company. Interesting.