Friday, June 11, 2021

QBP #169 - Police Action #2

Quarter-Bin Podcast #169

Police Action #2, Atlas Comics, cover-dated April 1975.

"Taxi 2147 is Missing," by Gary Friedrich, with art by Mike Sekowsky & Al McWilliams. 


"Whatever Happened to Luke Malone?" by Gary Friedrich, with art by Mike Ploog and Frank Springer.

What happens when Professor Alan visits New York City in 1975? Does he get mugged? Taken hostage? Does he make it out alive?

Listen to the episode and find out!

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Next Episode: Six from Sirius 1 & 2, Epic Comics, cover-dated July and August 1984. 

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  1. Thanks for another fun show. This comic sounds interesting in a Lady Cop way. The similarity between the two stories reminds me of a Seventies DC comic in which both lead and back-up strip ended on a cliffhanger of the star disappearing and the editor instigated a letter of contest inviting people to find a way to connect the tales. (I thought it was Adventure Comics in the 450s when Superboy was starring, but apparently not - anybody?)

    I don’t think that trigger warning was necessarily, if Relatively Geeky listeners were that fragile we would surely seek counselling.

    1. It All Goes Back To Lady Cop! I love that story of similar stories, it was just so weird.

      Maybe us Americans are a little more delicate these days than you hardy UK folk.

  2. Got it, thanks to Scott Rowland of the Back Issue Facebook group, it was Adventure Comics #457, Superboy and Eclipso were both fading away at the end of their separate stories.

    (Hope my going so far off piste doesn’t leave anyone… well, you know)