Monday, March 15, 2021

QBP #165 - Shatter Special

Quarter-Bin Podcast #165

Shatter Special,  First Comics, cover-dated June 1985.

Untitled story written by Peter B .Gillis, with (computerized) art by Michael Saenz.

What does the Professor think of this, "The First Computerized Comic?" Does this futuristic sci-fi detective story hold up? And how does this reflect the Professor's college years?

Listen to the episode and find out!

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Next Episode: The Comet #1 and The Web #2 , Impact Comics, cover-dated July 1991 & October 1991, respectively.

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  1. I definitely remember seeing the ads for this in American Flagg. Never got it.

    Thanks for covering. Will look for it in the cheap bins myself!

    1. Worth a quarter for sure. Maybe even 50 cents, but don't tell.

  2. I appreciate the trailblazing nature of Shatter - it came five years before Batman: Digital Justice - but I’m sure I’d enjoy it more with traditional comic art. The look of the art makes it impossible to forget the gimmick and relax into the story. I suppose the sci-if setting suits the hi-tech visual approach, but I don’t find it appealing. I’m not keen on computer art. Peter B Gillis was wrong about how revolutionary the art would prove The story doesn’t sound too bad, but...

    ...wasn’t Joanie Caucus a character in Doonesbury? Mind, she didn’t look like that!

    Maybe ‘Comico’ was pronounced ‘comic company’? I always assumed it was simply ‘comic-oh’.

    Thanks for making me the official letterguy - what an honour!

    If it’s in your files, how about reviewing the Warp comic, from Gillis and Frank Brunner? It’s based on a musical so is likely weird.

    1. I think it's Comic-Co, but I have heard it pronounced otherwise more than once.

      Ed Moore and I covered an issue of Warp on the epic epic epic episode 100. Part 3, to be precise, starting at about 32 minutes in.