Friday, February 12, 2021

QBP #164 - The Brave & The Bold 130

Quarter-Bin Podcast #164

The Brave & The Bold #130, DC Comics, cover-dated October 1976.

 "Death at Rainbow's End," written by Bob Haney, with art by Jim Aparo.

What happens when Batman teams up with two hero buddies to take on two villains in a strange and distant land? Exactly how zany does Bob Haney get in this story? And what does guest Rob Myers think about all this?

Listen to the and find out!

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Link: Rob's podcast Robin: Everyone Loves the Drake

Next Episode: The Shatter Special , First Comics, cover-dated October 1976.

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  1. Karate chop medicine was a whole semester in Med School. Because you needed to learn all of it's uses.

    One day, should we meet, I'll demonstrate.

    1. Alan: "Throat's a little sore. May have talked too much yesterday."

      Anj: Hii-yaaahh!

  2. Great show Perfessor, the episodes are even more special when you have a chum, I loved Rob’s insight and humour. I bought this issue as a kid and found it most disappointing - the cover promised ‘four famous co-stars’, but two you could see Batman with most every issue of JLA, and the others were villains, and ones who were always in the Batman stories. At least in B&B #100, the ‘four famous co-stars’ were all heroes (GL, GA, BC and R). Heck, Joker had been the ‘guest star’ at least twice previously... the Joker, a guy you could see in any random issue of Detective Comics or Batman, where’s the novelty? And don’t give me ‘four famous co-stars’ in a deadly dull font, I want dynamic logos!

    It seemed that every time I picked up a B&B it was the same old people - Wildcat, Green Arrow, Metamorpho, Deadman, Sgt Rock, the Creeper... zzzz.

    And yet I have the two published volumes of the B&B Omnibus and the third on order. What is wrong with me?

    Well, they don’t half look good, thanks to Jim Aparo. And eventually Zany Haney left and the stories got less loony - I’m not a fan of Earth B. And you never know when you might get invited on a podcast!

    1. Thank you, Martin. Guest shows tend to be easier to put together, but that all depends on the guest, I suppose!