Monday, October 19, 2020

QBP #158 - Tarzan the Warrior 1 & 2


Quarter-Bin Podcast #158

Tarzan the Warrior 1 & 2, Malibu Comics, cover-dated March & May, 1992.

Both issues were written by Mark Wheatley, with art by Neil Vokes and Marc Hempel.

What happens when Professor Alan tackles a new take on a classic pulp character? How do the shape-shifters and alternate dimensions fit it? And does the Professor actually let out a Tarzan cry?

Listen to the episode and find out!

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Next Episode: Tarzan the Warrior #3 - 5, Malibu Comics, cover-dated June, August, & September 1992.

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  1. Like you it is hard for me to know when I first heard of Tarzan, one of those ever present bits of pop culture.

    I think a local UHF channel used to play the Weismuller movies on Saturday morning but they couldn't compete with cartoons.

    I did watch the filmation series and liked the Tarzan, Zorro, Lone Ranger stuff.

    And of course, ahem, I did see the Bo Derek movie on cable at possibly a 'younger than I should have' age.

    I had high hopes for the Christopher Lambert Greystoke but was let down.

    But I have never read any Tarzan comics. Nor have I read any of the genre - Ka-Zar, etc.

    I don't know if this series would tempt me. But I do like hearing about the Tarzan comics so I can decide if I should delve into them at all.

    1. It wasn't until maybe 5 years ago that I starting reading "jungle" comics. It's an odd genre, and not all of the conventions work for me, but the good ones can be fun changes of pace.

  2. Oh dear, I seem to have missed this episode but it turned up on my podcast device and I listened without knowing how far back it went. Still, it was a good listen, as ever.

    I’ve only read a couple of Tarzan comics, both from Marvel with fantastic John Buscema artwork - he’s not Joe Kubert but is nevertheless an artistic powerhouse well suited to ERB’s number one hero.

    On the slight off-chance that no one pointed this out, or that you didn’t realise yourself after the event, I’ll just mention that Red Sonja isn’t part of the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate, she’s Robert E Howard.

    I know you’ve not read all the toys and books or seen all the movies, but do you know if it was ever addressed as to whether or not Tarzan suffered a case of Stockholm syndrome in being so loyal to the apes who killed his pop?

    Did I hear you mention that you had read Tarzan audiobooks, that seems like unnecessary work?

    I also enjoyed the John Carter film, i reckon it suffered from having such a boring title. Apparently the filmmakers feared science fiction was so out of fashion that mentioning Mars would put people off. And a boring title that’s just a dull name is better? Apparently not.

    There was a fascinating documentary from Sky Arts on the tellybox recently, called Tarzan: The Man Behind the Legend, looking at his career in various media since his creation. It’s worth keeping an eye out for.