Thursday, October 1, 2020

CRJ #064 - September 2020

Professor Alan's Comic Book Reading Jou
rnal #064

September 2020

So what comics did Professor Alan read during September, the first full month after returning to teach classes? How many were old books? How many were new books? And how many were sent in by kind listeners? Listen to the episode ... and find out!!!

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Next Episode: What comics did Professor Alan read during October -- and how many will be of the spooky and scary variety?

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  1. I love this show, it’s like I’m reading the stories myself! And sometimes I hear of something I want to investigate further, something I’ve never even heard of... like Spidey’s Totally Tiny Adventure. In fact, no time to comment, I’m off to read it right now... see ya.

    1. Very kind -- always appreciate your comments, Sir.