Monday, September 21, 2020

SS #068 - The Future of Comics

 Shortbox Showcase #68 - The Future of Comics

In this episode, Em and Professor Alan review a bunch of wonderful listener feedback. After that, they talk about the future of comics, focusing in particular on the current events at DC Comics. Each gives their "pitch" for what DC Comics should do next.

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  1. Listening and might comment more later. But before I forget ... on the topic of (yet again) organizing comics!

    I think you and I have talked enough Prof to know that my system works. Within seconds I can produce the issue that I want to show you. I would say that it is probably 97% alphabetical. 3% logical when not alphabetical.
    You've seen it in action!

    1. That is true! Whatever you are doing, IT WORKS !!!!!!

  2. Thanks for another fun and stimulating show. I’m very much behind Prof Alan’s idea of a line of anthologies. The received wisdom is that they don’t sell, but the massive price point has a lot to do with that. Reduce the production values given we’re not after the collectors’ market, bring on the economies of scale allowed by widespread distribution, and away we go!

    I’m less down with Em’s idea of a webcomics model - I like the idea of, say, annual big stories, but publishing them in dribs and drabs, a couple of pages a week? That would drive me mad, I’d have to look at them, and it would be really dissatisfying. I don’t follow comics because I love the form per se, it’s that this is the form in which I’ve found worlds I want to follow, and if I can’t get a whole story, I need nice chunks.

    I don’t doubt that First Second - who don’t have any presence in the UK market that I know of, I’ve only heard of them through your good selves - are big, and excellent, but it sounds as if they’re in a very different market spot to DC and Marvel, and I want my soapy power fantasies.

    And I definitely want new stories. Even characters like James Bond and Sherlock Holmes, whose original authors died decades ago, get new adventures. I want tales that build on the heroes and universes I love.

    As for DC co-publisher possibly not being a full-time job because one half of the equation finds time to script the occasional mini-series, while the other does some covers, well, that’s what weekends are for.

    Come back soon!