Friday, August 21, 2020

RGP #026 - Doomspeak: Cloak & Dagger #10


  Cloak & Dagger 10, Marvel Comics, cover-dated January 1987.

"Who'll Stop The Rain?" by Bill Mantlo, with art by Bret Blevins & Terry Austin.

What happens when a couple of C- or D- listers (who somehow managed to nab a TV deal) arrive in Latveria on the trail of a drug kingpin? Do they get mesmerized by Doom's impressive beam of light? Do they have a political debate about the value of nuclear energy?

Listen to the episode and find out!

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Next Time: Something else Doom-related. But what will it be? We shall see!

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  1. I’m really enjoying the episodes away from the main series as they’re packed with guest stars - Doom is at his best interacting with people other than the FF, it’s less predictable. Cloak & Dagger are great for a guest shot or two but I’ve never felt inclined to read a strip of their own; they’re too tightly defined... she’s light, he’s dark, they hate drugs. OK, perhaps if I read an actual story starring them I’d see their characters explored, but I’ve never been fussed. So, off to Marvel Unlimited for Cloak & Dagger #10.

    Firstly, I’m impressed by Ken Bruzenak’s medieval lettering on the credits. Smart. And he continues the goodness with Golden Age style raised caps at the start of narration boxes.

    And Eliot Brown, the OHOTMU diagrams chappie, is listed as science advisor. That’s keen.

    That page of Doom walking through his halls to his machine room is hilarious, with the lackey unfurling the ever-lengthening technical report, and I like the bemused musician in the mirror. And that panel of Doomy pouring red wine through his metallic gob, hilarious! Well done Bret Blevins.

    Why do we not get the ‘translated from Latveria’ note until Cloak & Dagger and their Shaggy-like pal arrive in the country? Do Doom and Boris and co speak English among themselves?

    Our supposed stars are really not attractive, he a scowling creature who wants to bully the good folk of Doomstadt, she a melodramatic (‘All that we know of you bespeaks evil, Doom’) idiot dazzled by the pretty light. I never get that people realise they’re teenagers - he’s like a gnarled old tree, she a hooker lookalike... who really thinks that’s an appropriate costume for someone meant tk be no older tham 19? Heck, who thinks that’s an appropriate costume for ANYONE? No wonder they were cancelled.

    I do find it offensive that Mantlo treats Europe like some other world, with C&D needing to take an American who has heard of the place, and people dressed for The Sound of Music.

    I don’t think you mentioned it, but after Doom gets out from behind his mighty Moog, ‪the dictatorial doctor is so dazzled by Dagger that he forgets his own name‬ - ‘Vincent Von Doom’? Is he going to weaponise sunflowers?

    I agree, the doubt about Doom’s existence makes no sense for a couple of people who have lived in New York for awhile, I mean, how many times has Doom ‘graced’ the city with his pompous presence?

    I thought you were calling Cloak and Dagger, ‘CND’, as in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. That would be clever!

    Doom is such an obvious hypocrite, going on about wanting to end the nuclear threat... what, so he can be the only one to threaten world powers. And surely he appreciates that wartime is when the big technical innovations come?

    So much of what Doom does is ‘justified’ by him as being a way to free dear old Mom from Mephisto... has he thought of offering himself in her place in a ‘no tricks’ bids swap? Surely that old devil loon would be all over that?

    I expect the regular book is delayed because Doom is being slow in approving his likeness. Speaking of which, I like the original green mask, it’s minty fresh. They should bring that back.

    1. HOW DARE YOU make reasonable and logical points about the good Doctor and his viewpoint.

      Agreed with you on Doom vs non-FF folk. He has had great tussles with Iron Man, Spidey, the Hulk, etc ...

      CND -- I'm not that clever. Sorry.