Monday, July 13, 2020

QBP #155 - Sam Hill, PI #7

Quarter-Bin Podcast #155

Sam Hill, PI #7, MLJ / Archie Comics, cover-dated August 1952.

There are no writing credits, but the art in all 4 stories was by Harry Lucey.

What happens when Professor Alan and guest Luke Jaconetti discuss a public domain private eye comic book from the early 1950s?

Listen to the episode and find out!

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Link: Luke Jaconetti's Earth Destruction Directive podcast
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Link: Sam Hill, PI Kindle novels

Next Episode: Teen Titans Giant #1, cover-dated August 2018.

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Source: Digital Comics Museum


  1. Great episode as I haven't dipped into public domain books and now figure it might be a good time to do so.

    Is this character where the 'What in Sam Hill is going on here?' line originated from? Or did they name him that to cash in on the phrase? Hmmmm ...

    Lastly, a forgotten question and a new debate for the QBP.

    Last episode you described the cover as an homage.

    You pronounced it 'AH-midge'.

    I also consider it an homage.

    But I pronounce it 'OH-mahje'.

    Is there a definitively correct pronunciation???
    Or is this going down in the 'how do you load the dishwasher' road?

  2. (Try again... I hate ‘autocorrect’!)

    Oh, it’s written as ‘an homage, a la ‘an hotel’ but pronounced ‘hommidge’! Well, by us lot over here. National and regional pronunciations are acceptable... except when US folk say ‘erbs’ instead of ‘herbs’. Just no!

    Fun episode, Luke is a great guest. The old comic sounds terrific. There is a recent Sam Hill Meets Archie and the Gang one-off in the Archie 80th Anniversary series, yours for 99c. It’s a lot of fun.

    I also see a Dark Circle graphic novel from Archie by Tom DeFalco and Greg Scott, I’ve just this sec bought it so may report back. The Girl Friday seems to be called Molly, and he wears a regular tie. How dull. Bow ties are sexy.

    1. If he doesn't have a bow-tie, I can't believe it's the same guy!!!!! #NotMySamHillPI