Thursday, June 11, 2020

SS #067 - Isolation Update

Shortbox Showcase #67 - How We Spent Our Isolation Vacation

In this episode, Em and Professor Alan talk about they have been spending their covid-based quarantine time. They talk about books, comics, TV shows, movies, work, cooking, cleaning, and other ways they've stayed occupied since mid-March.

And they go over LOTS of listener feedback!

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  1. Terrific show, it was great to hear what you've both been up to. Steve and I have been fine, he works downstairs for the NHS' mental health division, I work upstairs in the spare bedroom, getting newspapers out... on the one hand, we've been jealous of the furloughed folk, getting 80 per cent, at least, of their wage for doing nothing at all, while we work away - I even had my wage cut by ten per cent - but on the other, it's probably been good for our morale, feeling useful still. We live in a lovely area, with beaches and rivers and countryside all handy for our daily walks. It's been fine - I have no sympathy for people whining about not knowing which box set to watch next, or comic collections to read - oh, to have the time!

    The cats have become over-attentive, it's a lie that all cats are so independent they don't like people, sisters Emmy and Millie follow us around all the time.

    I've really missed being able to get to the gym, but have been doing wee workouts in the garden and aiming for the randomly 'required' 10,000 steps per day. The only really bad thing was having awfully bad tooth pain for several weeks due to an infection, but after antibiotics failed, warm rinsing with salt did the trick.

    We did have one cruise cancelled, in April, and the October one will be a no-no as Canada has closed its ports, but there's a slim chance our ten-day cruise to various places but mostly Iceland in August will still happen, as Iceland is doing so well and we'd be leaving from a UK port, so no flights. It's a press trip -that's WORK! - so even if it's cancelled it'll be re-timed for whenever.

    I've tried many times to get our particular team at work to video chat, but failed - no one wants to, we just exchange pleasantries in a Google Hangout. I think when this is over - people are slowly started to go back to opffices, but no journalists as yet - I'll ask to work from home three days a week, it's great not losing a couple of hours per day to commuting.

    Is there something wrong with me that I've never played a computer game? I remember Binatone Tennis came out on the TV in the Seventies and I wasn't any good, and I never tried since. i tried to watch Toy Story but couldn't get into it because it seemed to have a computer game feel.

    Em's embroidery metaphor was quite brilliant!

    I though, from the way you were talking at the start, that Em was going to quit, but it didn't happen. Good!

    1. I am always worried that Em is going to quit!

      And yes, our kitty has become quite a good supervisor to Mrs. Quarter-Bin! And is now very confused why she has starting going back to the office a few days a week.

      Let's hope we all have wonderful vacations ... NEXT YEAR !!!