Thursday, June 18, 2020

CLASSIC UBA #2 - Detective 411 & Batman 232

To honor the recently departed Denny O'Neil, we decided to re-post Uncovering the Bronze Age #2, i which Em covers a pair of classic Batman stories.

Em dives back into their coverage of the Bronze Age by discussing two stories featuring The Dark Knight Detective, and the introduction of two favorite Batman antagonists.

"Into the Den of the Death-Dealers," by Dennis O'Neil, Bob Brown, & Dick Giordano, from Detective Comics #411.


"Daughter of the Demon," by Dennis O'Neil, Neal Adams, & Dick Giordano, from Batman #232.

Can Batman topple an international crime ring, headed by a villain with a ridiculous name? Where exactly is Thailayinam? Will Batman be willing to work with the clearly villainous Ras al Ghul to rescue Robin and Talia? And just why is Batman so keen on dressing up as old Asian people!?!  Listen to the episode and find out!

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