Tuesday, May 19, 2020

RGP #023 -- JLMay 2020 - Planet Heist

Relatively Geeky Presents #23: JLMay 2020

The Return of Adam Strange 1 - 8, DC Comics, cover-dated November 2004 - June 2005.

All stories written by Andy Diggle, with art by Pascal (or is it Pasquale?) Ferry.

What happens when the entire planet Rann is Zeta-beamed completely out of existence? Listen to the episode and find out!

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  1. Thanks for a fun show, I hope no one was playing a drinking game centred on the word ‘hot’

    Call me a ‘hung up on details’ guy but when you’re replacing one of the most perfect looks in comicdom it had better be good - fatter straps and clunkier jet pack do not cut it... how many times has Dr Doom’s outfit been ‘updated’ only to revert to Kirby’s original a couple of years later? Take the final page of the series, that stupid white harness... it looks like Adam is being eaten by a urinal. And Alanna’s bigger-than-her-head boobs are ridiculous, for example in the panel after she’s shot the bad lady - she’d need jet packs to walk two feet.

    And the murkiness of the thing, Dave McCaig’s colour choices make it look like we’re viewing everything through a sandstorm.

    I really like Rob Leigh’s display lettering.

    The ‘maguffin’ line is clever, but makes it so obvious that this is just a wheel-spinning exercise, an over-extended placeholder.

    I agree entirely with Shagg about the annoying nature of P Ferry’s signature being on story pages, It really throws you out of the story. It shouldn’t be allowed by Editorial... sign the ruddy pages when you get them pack/print them out! A recent artist on Aquaman, Stjepan Sejic, did the same thing about every three pages, it was infuriating.

    Happy JLMay!

    1. Full agreement on Zoom. And also, full agreement on Shag being a big old troublemaker!