Thursday, June 21, 2018

QBP #120 - Adventure Comics 487

Quarter-Bin Podcast #120

Adventure Comics 487, DC Comics, cover-dated November 1981.

"To Die Twice - In Fire & Ice," by Marv Wolfman, with art by Carmine Infantino & Dennis Jensen.


"To Charm a Serpent," by George Kashdan, with art by Don Heck.

Professor Alan is joined by two of his favorite podcasting Mikes of all time, to discuss the two Dial H stories in this comic. Listen to Mr. Bailey & Mr. Peacock, as they join us for this senses-shattering first part of our "Dial Q for Quarter-Bin" mini-series!

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Music by Paul Johnson & the Packards, from the album Guitar Heaven.

Next Episode: Adventure Comics 488, DC Comics, cover-dated December 1981. And TWO MORE GUESTS!

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  1. I am currently closing in on re-collecting a complete run of this iteration of Dial "H," so I am very pleased to find someone podcasting about it. I feel much the same about Avatar as Prof Alan: great design, cool powers, but yeah...a little tough to defend here and now. Do you intend on following this series to its continuation and end in the backup pages of "New Adventures of Superboy?"

    1. If I can find a run for cheap! But for now, no specific plans. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Great episode. I was buying these issues as they came out and they were great fun. It felt like a huge deal, having Wolfman as a writer, and while Infantino wasn’t at his peak, I still liked his crisp layouts. And at least at least he’d gotten over the Spiderwoman bullet boobs bit.

    Cultural Appropriation? Zzzzzz. It’s just a turban, people should just relax, it’s a nice comics tradition that says, hey, we like your cultural/religious style. So long as there’s no mocking, what’s the problem? Should there be protests outside Sunset Boulevard performances because Norma Desmond rocks a turban? I’m RC and managed to survive rosary beads as a fashion thing.

    My friend Will designed a couch that appeared in Dial H for Hero, though he was going by his birth name back then. I expect that settee to get its own movie anytime now.

    What’s the thinking for when the music comes in? It appeared randomly under the conversation, as well as the, logical, beginning and end of the show. The guitar stuff this time was OK. As you likely remember, though, I’m not a fan of music during chat, it’s distracting and implies that the conversation alone isn’t entertaining enough. Which yours always is. (That’s me doomed to being flattened by Wagner if I’m ever lucky enough to be asked back on..)

    I like Michael’s idea of a letterhacks show - I wasn’t in US comics much but had loads in UK stuff. Marvel’s Nextwave trade, unusually, includes the lettercols, so I’m immortalised! -ish .

    Good on Michael P - love that chap’s voice - for speaking up for dashing Don Heck.

    And bring back Dial F for Fedback :)

  3. This feedback (and MORE) will be in episode 121, no fear!

    The music was a bit loud, specifically for Bailey. His comment about "I wonder what music you are putting here ... " surely influenced that choice. But you are right ... conversation shows probably don't need music, or nearly as much. Your role of Official Music Critic of the network continues!!!

  4. 'Official annoying git', more like!