Monday, August 14, 2017

QBP #100, Part 5

Quarter-Bin Podcast #100, part 5

The celebration continues! This is the Part 5 of the summer-long Quarter-Bin 100 Party! It's another 2-hour long monstrosity episode, in which Professor Alan talks about 18 different comics, with some of his best podcasting colleagues from around the world! This episode has DCs, Marvels & Independents, and The Irredeemable Shagg!

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Next Episode: Episode 100, part 6! Another 10 or so books, another 6 or so guests!

The music in the episode is from the UK-based band Iona. Their music can be found here. 

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Source: In The Ballpark.


  1. I remember exactly where I read that Grayson Titans, and I enjoyed that run a lot. It does make me laugh how the Titans are drawn to the construction industry, they always seem to build their own headquarters.

  2. As regards the question of whether Doug Moench was brought on to Omega Men because he's a 'standard comic book writer', did you read his mega-run in MoKF? I'd not say he was an ordinary scribe, given his druthers*. Even his Batman work was a bit off centre.

    * No bleedin' idea.